The Karajarri Traditional Lands Association also has a Bidyadanga Visitors Pass and Karajarri Remote IPA Pass.

Special Passes

Bidyadanga Visitors Pass

Residents of Bidyadanga, including but not limited to health workers, teachers and council workers are still require to purchase a visitor pass. As well as a visitor pass residents are required to undertake a cultural induction before they access Karajarri lands. The KTLA together with the Karajarri Rangers will provide you with knowledge on how to enjoy your time on Karajarri country safely, legally and respectfully.

$120 per year including cultural induction

Please note this pass is only for Bidyadanga Residents and is different to the Visitor Pass.

To arrange for your cultural induction and Bidyadanga Visitor Pass 

Karajarri Remote IPA Pass

The Karajarri Traditional Lands Association does allow some tourism activities within the remote desert region of the Karajarri Protected area. This is limited to parties that can show that they are prepared, experienced and respectful.

To apply for a Karajarri Remote IPA Pass