Great segment on ABC breakfast 11/05/2021.

Ewan, Bayo and Kamahl are stars!!!

At the Karajarri ranger camp on an abandoned mining airstrip, the still air pulsates with baking heat. 

A ranger snores on a stretcher crammed into the limited shade, surrounded by chairs, tables and everyone else swatting flies and waiting for the sun to drop.

Even a thin trail of smoke from the smouldering campfire struggles to rise across the oppressively hot clearing in the scrub.

But it doesn’t stop the eldest of the rangers, from jumping up and telling us to 

“come and get smoked”.

With as much fanfare as perhaps the making of a cup of tea, Kulu buries some green foliage in the coals and instructs us to stand in the path of the thickening column of smoke, saying it will help rid us of any bad spirits.

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