Congratulations Karajarri, Yawuru and Nyikina traditional owners..

The Federal Court of Australia determined that exclusive possession native title exists in the entirety of a joint claim made over an area of unallocated Crown land in the Kimberley this morning.

Yawuru Traditional Owner Dianne Appleby said the determination would allow for shared leadership and collaboration between the three native title groups.

“Shared country has always been with us. Lines are visible to create a map and perform a boundary to enclose one’s status or an estate,” said Yawuru Traditional Owner Ms Dianne Appleby.

“Birriman-gan engages and empowers three language groups to have a strong support and leadership in caring for country.”

Nyikina Traditional Owner Deborah Shadforth said the determination is an important step toward being able to utilise the shared country in a positive way, and to secure it for young people and future generations.

“It’s a really good thing to be part of a shared group and that this determination recognises shared country. It will be good to have the rights to our country so we can use it for ceremonies and gatherings, for future generations and to honour our ancestors.'

Karajarri Traditional Owner Mervyn Mulardy said that collaboration between the groups and the shared journey is important.

“I feel for my old people and what they’ve fought for and the stories they’ve kept about country. This is for our future, for our kids to know where they come from, what connection they have to country and where the yatangal places are.”


Native Title Determination