With help from our partners at Environmental Systems Solutions, we held three workshops and two field trips. Each event involved language speakers working with Rangers and ESS collect and record language about Ranger work and Karajarri places.

This language is now integrated into our cultural database, which means that it is used in day-to-day operations and can be drawn on for future language initiatives!
Project highlights:
•    More than 70 participants coming together to help protect Karajarri Language!
•    Over 2000 words and terms entered into the Karajarri Cultural Database.
•    Translation of parts of the Karajarri Cultural Database from English to Karajarri
•    Digitising the Karajarri dictionary to make it available online
•    Mapping and recording language for more than 200 cultural places on Karajarri country

The project, titled Tukujana Muwarr Tukujana Ngurra Jangka (Looking after language by looking after Country), which was generously supported by the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts Program, collected and recorded language that can be used by Rangers when they are out on Country, or while using the Karajarri cultural database (now called Miranu-Janka Wankayi Karajarriku, which means Keeping Knowledge Alive for Karajarri People).


(Looking after language by looking after Country)

The KTLA, with the Karajarri Rangers, Elders and community members have recently wrapped up a highly successful Language invigoration project!

Tukujana Muwarr Tukujana Ngurra-Jangka